Mission Maker

Who We Are

Agents of Discovery provides a revolutionary educational gaming experience which requires players to move to solve Challenges.

The conventional educational delivery models are broken - kids just aren’t sitting down and memorizing science, technology, engineering, and math concepts from a textbook anymore. That’s why the Move to Play and Learn philosophy driving Agents of Discovery is so different from most gaming philosophies. It combines physical activity and technology in a relevant and innovative way that speaks to kids in a language they understand. It is also inexpensive, highly customizable, and - best of all - fun to play. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Mission Maker


How We Work

The Mission Maker allows you to create gamified educational materials for your site at a fraction of the cost of custom app development. Best of all, you can create sites in as little as 15 minutes! It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

  1. Sign up for a free trial of the Mission Maker to start creating your own location-based Agents of Discovery Mission.
  2. Drop pins on the map to create location-based Challenges, allowing kids (and kids at heart!) to find and solve while exploring your site.
  3. Publish your Mission to the Agents of Discovery mobile app. Grab some Agents and go outside to test the Mission.

The Mission Maker allows you to:

  • build an engaging educational experience for kids in your location. We currently have Missions in parks, nature centers, science centres, aquariums and museums;
  • create and update content quickly and easily;
  • link yourself with with an ever-growing network of Mission locations all over North America and Europe; and,
  • choose which Field Agent represents your site in the game!

Agents of Discovery:

  • requires kids to get out and explore a path you set for them (usually 1-2 miles);
  • can be played without access to WiFi or data (perfect for playing in the great outdoors!); and,
  • can be set up indoors using QR codes (perfect for museums and historical sites!).

Where to Play

Ready to Join the Move to Play & Learn Revolution?