Agents of Discovery is always recruiting new agents and mission builders to launch missions! We need passionate people who care about kids and education. There are numerous ways to get involved like: exploring our Missions, following #AgentsofDiscovery on social media, establishing your own Mission, or sponsoring a Mission! Give us a shout at today!

The USFS will be launching over 60 new Missions over the next two years across National Forests and Grasslands. Locations will generate more meaningful engagements with Forest Service lands.

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We are excited to offer you an educational technology platform to help make the learning experiences you provide active and fun. Here are some resources to ensure a smooth launch.

Best Practices / Top 10 tips for Writing great Challenges / Your Guide to Challenges

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Posts to Share on Twitter:

  • We just partnered w. @AoDiscovery to get kids out in #nature, engaged & #learning. Parents, bring your Agents [kids] to explore our #parks!
  • Hey everyone! We partnered w. @AoDiscovery to create our own special Mission
  • Want something fun to do this #weekend? Check out our #AR app by @AoDiscovery that gets you moving & learning #fridayfeeling
  • It’s pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves. Come #explore!

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  • Hey everyone! We just partnered w. @AgentsOfDiscovery and created our own special Mission to get youth out, engaged and learning. It’s pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves. Come check it out!
  • Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Come on by & check out our newest feature - augmented reality educational app by @AgentsOfDiscovery that gets you moving, playing and learning.
  • Wish kids were more active and outside enjoying nature? We’ve got the answer! Come on by to check out our new app from @AgentsOfDiscovery. It combines smartphone technology with nature to get kids exploring our park by solving fun challenges.


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